We all know the story of the Garden of Eden. God made Eve from Adam’s rib. The devil, disguised as a serpent, tempted Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden, cursing Eve and the serpent — at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe. she_identity_book

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In The S/He Identity, Reverend Zelna E. Joseph, PhD, reveals the truth. Through a close reading of scripture she demonstrates Eve was not the cause of mankind’s fall from grace, nor was she cursed. It was Adam who brought about the fall — Adam was judged and the snake was cursed; women were not. Instead, they were charged with combating Satan’s lies and the means by which the promise of the coming savior, Jesus Christ, would enter the world. Childbirth is not a curse, but a divine blessing. The S/He Identity restores women to their rightful place as God’s ally. This groundbreaking book is vital reading for any woman seeking her identity in Christ, and for men who need to discover how Jesus restored both sexes into one body — his body — and destroyed the devil’s lies forever. Reverend Zelna E. Joseph, PhD, examines the first three chapters of Genesis with a new eye, proving that man was primed for sin before God elaborated woman from Adam’s flesh — and it was through a woman’s body that Christ was born and salvation became possible. Boldly reclaiming women’s place as God’s allies and helpers, The S/He Identity cuts through traditional readings of the fall from grace, proving it was Adam, not Eve, who caused the fall; God created Eve to prepare for Christ’s coming; and how women can find their true identity within Christ. Let Reverend Joseph show you the truth.

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