Pam Berry

Member of the Board of Trustees – The┬áS/HE Identity, Inc.

Hello, I’m Pam Berry.

I have had the luxury and pleasure of growing up in a military family, with eight siblings under me. I believe the most valuable asset I gained from my military experience is the ability to respect and interact with others from many different cultures and backgrounds. I respect, believe in, and value diversity and what each individual brings to the table.

I have also had many opportunities to witness and experience the true beauty of our great nation, but I have yet to duplicate the beauty and serenity found in the majestic Rocky Mountains, so Colorado Springs has been my home since 1966.

I have had the privilege of working 30 years in the world of public education, all in School District #11! During those years I was fortunate to cultivate many priceless friendships, many of them still active and still valued today. After retirement from D-11, I spent 4 years working in Human Resources of El Paso County. In 2004, I studied for the exam to be a real estate broker. Although, this is a career I have not made a fortune in, I still hold a valid license, and ecstatic I do not have to eat from what I earn in real estate transactions!

During my retirement years I have had the privilege to sit on a couple of boards I believed were important and served the community. I had the privilege to run for public office. Although it was not a successful bid for County Commissioner, I did learn politics is not my forte!

I continue to count my blessings. My son and his family, who live in Phoenix, afford me the opportunity to get out of the cold in the winter months. My daughter, who lives here with her husband and five children, continue to keep me busy!

It seems I have come full circle and returned to my beginnings. I am honored to be a board member in this prestigious group of dedicated individuals. I will do my very best in providing you with the best of me, and will do my best to be an active, dedicated member of this board.