Barbara C. Caruth

Vice President and Secretary – Board of Trustees of the S/HE Identity, Inc.

Barbara C. Caruth, was born the sixth child of nine; second to the youngest daughter. At a very early age, Barbara enjoyed arts, crafts, and gardening (makings things grow). Little did she know, this was indeed, sowing and reaping.

As a young student, Barbara excelled in all studies. Her interests were never ending.

Barbara, from the beginning, had a passion for people. She had a gift. Not yet known to herself, she would serve God.

Barbara went to Colorado University, Boulder Campus to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Because of circumstances beyond her control, she walked away from her education after two years. Following her university abandonment, she struggled to find her place in life. 

Barbara then enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College in hopes of becoming a graphic artist and a dancer. That did not happen because she had no money to buy the supplies she needed. God had plans for her. In the 1980s, her mother sent her to Cleopatra Beauty College in Colorado Springs. There she excelled with grace and passion. From there, it was up hill with her life unfolding with meaning and purpose. God opened many doors of business opportunity for her. She became a business owner, four times over. She developed great passion for women. It was there, She answered the call on her life. It was there, where she led many women and some men to Christ, prayed for others, and led a bible study, the Purpose Driven Life in her establishment. Her salons were her church, and boy, did she preach in them!

Barbara went on to attend three online schools to receive credentials in Journalism and Short Story Writing, Business, Computer Assisted, and Floral Design, Graduating with highest honors.

Barbara received awards, honors, certificates of completion in her field, and was listed in the Who’s Who book of Female Cosmetology Entrepreneurs. She has been interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles for her work in the salon.

Barbara has owned beauty salons in Colorado Springs, Nebraska, and Washington DC. She is now a Learning Leader with the Paul Mitchell Schools. Barbara has followed her dream of teaching Cosmetology and pouring out all that was poured into her over the thirty plus years in the beauty industry. Her desire is to live for Jesus and be a light and example in the industry. To teach integrity and excellent guest service. And in addition, to be proud of what they do with honor and respect for the industry. She also aspires to teach those procedures that have been forgotten because of the age of technology.

Barbara knew that her major motivation for her life was greater than profits. She has done what she loves to do and got paid for doing it. God is blessing her life and taking her to new levels. Nothing she can do can bring her more happiness. She has the joy of the Lord on the inside of her and that no one can take away from her! With the grace and mercy delivered by God, Barbara has beaten everything in her life that tried to beat her down. It is her desire to live for Him.

Barbara is a gospel singer and serves with a mass gospel choir called the Colorado Movement. She is a member of The Potters House of Denver. Barbara welcomes teaming up with ministry business because this is her call of service for God. Her ministry began, when she said “Yes Lord, I am available to You!”