Human Trafficking

The S/HE Identity and Human Trafficking: Intervention, Education and Prevention.

Did you know:

  • The U.S. Department of Justice reported African American girls and young adult women disproportionately represent over 40 percent of sex trafficking victims in the United States vs. 26 percent of white women.
  • The Black and Missing Foundation says Black people are 13 percent of the American population but are almost 40 percent (232,881) of all missing persons.
  • Black women, just 7 percent of America’s population, are 10 percent of all reported missing persons cases.
  • In 2018, roughly 64,000 Black women and girls went missing.
  • African American youth are at increased risk for domestic minor sex trafficking, with being female, living in an urban area, and experiencing abuse prior to trafficking all being factors that are associated with risk for sex trafficking.
  • Of the over 300,000 minors in the U.S. who are victims of domestic sex trafficking, it is estimated that 43 percent are African American girls.

Our goal is to develop programs that deals with issues of survival, poverty, and support with information on why black girls and young black women are the majority of children missing in the United States and targeted for sex trafficking.

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