Jacqueline Williams

S/HE Identity Conference Presenter


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. — Psalm 150:6

Jacqueline K. Williams, born in Texarkana, TX, has always had the love for music in her soul. Presently, she is the Vice President/Assistant Chapter Representative for the Colorado Springs Chapter Choir of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Incorporated (GMWA), for the past twelve years, and formerly served as its’ Director of Operations.

Although she enjoys all music, it is gospel music that speaks to her soul. Proof of that would be her singing in church choirs at the age of four. A few years later, she decided she wanted to learn more than just how to sing, so at the age of seven she began learning to play the organ. From the organ she eventually graduated to the piano and this lead her to become minister of music for her church choir by the age of ten. Later she excelled to where she was playing for not only her church choir but many other churches and their choirs as well, all through her college years of study and to present.

In 1993, Jacqueline, moved to Colorado, where she graced her community with her love for gospel music. Soon, she became Minister of Music over the youth and young adult choirs while attending St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church in Denver, CO., and their Sunday School Superintendent. She is also the former King Solomon Baptist Church, Minister of Music, Colorado Springs, CO., and former Minister of Music for Ebenezer Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, CO. She is currently serving and ministering at Fresh Start Baptist Church, in Colorado Springs, CO., while continuing to help those of all ages mold and shape their musical talents through vocal, organ, and piano lessons.

She has been afforded the opportunity to facilitate and speak with much humility and joy about the Word of God on several program engagements, Women Retreats, Mission and Women conferences that include: Her home church, King Solomon Baptist Church Women Retreat, Rev. K. Dumas, Pastor; Independent Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. M. Felder, Pastor; New Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. B. Kinchens, Pastor; 2014, King Solomon Baptist Church Women’s’ Prayer Brunch, Rev. Kevin Dumas, Pastor; The Seven Last Sayings of Christ, Fresh Start Baptist Church, Rev. J. Harris, Pastor, and several 5th Sunday Mission Services, all in Colorado Springs, CO.

Jacqueline, counts it all joy to be able to work with such profound gospel artists and organizations such as: Joe Pace and the Colorado Mass Choir, the local Colorado Springs Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Inc., Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, Colorado Springs, CO., the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Sympathy Orchestra, and the Mrs. Peggy Shivers Celebration Multicultural Ensemble. She has been blessed and feels extremely honored to have ministered in song on the same stage with well-known gospel artists such as: Mr. Fred Hammond, the Queen of Chicago Gospel Ms. Angela Spivey, The Late Queen of Gospel Ms. Albertina Walker, of the legendary Gospel Caravan Singers, Mrs. Ami Rushes, Ms. Dorothy Norwood of the legendary Gospel Caravan Singers, The Late Rev. Timothy Wright, Ms. Dottie Peoples, Pastor Van D. Roberson, The James Cleveland Chorus, organized by the Late Rev. James Cleveland, founder of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Inc., in their 49th Year of existence, and recorded with the National Gospel Music Workshop of America Inc. Mass Choir. She has also shared the stage with Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Musical celebration in 2012 at First United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs, CO, and featured on program along with the Cleo Parker Robinson dancers at Colorado College, annual MLK Jr. Celebration, Colorado Springs, CO.

Truly, music has been a refuge to Jacqueline K. Williams. She agrees with the statement made by Taylor Swift, “People haven’t always been there but music has.” Music is truly the language of the soul which crosses all cultures uniting and bringing all together in harmony. Dr. Horace Clarence said it best, “Music is a welcome addition to our understanding of humanity”. More so the truth and fact that will last throughout eternity that God has and will always be there for his children, and all humanity.

A child of God, that strives to follow where God leads, without complaining, and striving to fulfill her purpose and the calling of God upon her life, and to do HIS will. Knowing now more than ever, that all her help comes from the Lord. She will continue to run the race that God has set before her, and await his promises that are hers by being his child, and daughter, and an heir to Gods’ kingdom. May the life she lives, and the service she gives, speak for her.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. — Ecclesiastes 3:1