DeLisa Green

S/HE Identity Conference Presenter


Evangelist DeLisa Ordeal Green was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She was a member of Mount Zion Church of God in Holiness. Evangelist Green was educated at Nettie Roth High School. Later on after high school, Evangelist Green got married and moved to San Diego due to her husband’s military duties. While living in San Diego she was in search of a church home and as she was looking, she stumbled upon St. Stephan Church of God in Christ, where the pastor is Bishop George Dallas McKinney. While there, God’s precious voice spoke to her telling her that her calling is ministry. Listening to the voice of God, she obediently served her church and her pastor for several years. Her services consisted of working in the school of ministry, administration, leadership, women’s department, youth department, Sunday school, outreach team, usher board, and the praise team. After many trials and tribulations that she overcame, she was patiently on the Lord until he told her to move evangelism. She went to go pursue her walk in the Lord in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she is now continuing to obey God. In the sixteen years she has been in Colorado, God has revealed a vision to her. The vision is Growing Divine Ministries which is in the makings.

Evangelist DeLisa Green gives thanks to God for the phenomenal woman of God he has made her and is still making. Every Day she lives, she goes by her favorite scripture, “He that is mighty has done unto thee great things and Holy is his name.” Luke 1:49.